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The Lonely Tree


Once upon a time, there lived a bright and cheerful sycamore tree named Triffle. Triffle was bewildered by the rapid riffles at the edge of the clear blue river. She was very astonished at how rapidly the river was moving.

She spotted a baying dog and a squalling bunny running away, trying to resist from getting caught. With lots of sympathy, Triffle waved her ancient branches to try and coax the frightened bunny in a safe domain under her broad roots. Triffle noticed a wound on the bunny and used her special soap as a liniment to heal the injury.

The eager dog was full-fledged on catching his prey but he’ll have to hunt another day.

The Sycamore Tree Mira Johnson
Mira Johnson, 8
New Braunfels, TX

The Lonely Tree Tessa Papastergiou
Tessa Papastergiou, 11
Ontario, Canada