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The unspeakable juggler on a unicycle tamed the lion.

The cunning lion tamer flipped and turned on the trapeze bar.

The lively trapeze artist rode on the unicycle and juggled.

The creepy clown lifted strongman’s weights.

The sweaty strongman tried to scare kids with his silly costume.

The vicious tiger who jumped through the fire hoop sat in the cage with the hungry lion.

The next day the circus was not looking so good.

Not at all.

The tiger and lion were now rats.

The trapeze and strong man became slobbery pigs and all they wanted to do was eat.

The tightrope walker and juggler on the unicycle transformed to white sheets.

With a pop and a rumble, the creepy clown and lion tamer became pesky flies buzzing around.

An awful day for the circus indeed.

Somehow the next day everything was back to normal. Somehow.

Analise Braddock
Analise Braddock, 9
Katonah, New York