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  1. Sit on the Formica chairs you arranged yesterday, flowers embedded in the seat fabric.
  2. The candles should be lit, expanding light on the mahogany table, with white napkins laid out, displaying their whiteness.
  3. You will see the person in front of you, holding the silver cutlery with a single glove on the left hand, just like you, except yours is worn on the right.
  4. While the floorboards creak, make your steps across the kitchen for a glass of wine—the guest also leaves the chair, disappearing from the table.
  5. When you return, the person should be seated. Place the wine bottle to the side.
  6. After the plates have been emptied, bow your head slightly as a farewell and gather the leftover food into a pile.
  7. The person will bow back at you, and when you both look at each other, you will realize it was not a guest, but a mirror.

Soheon Rhee, 12
Taguig City, the Philippines