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I am from the teddy bear that is gigantic
From old dishes from Greece
I am from the calm wind that blows by my house
And the swing that went away in the waves of our pool
I am from the huge pine tree in the backyard that litters the ground
I am from the old luggage bag that came from Greece
From Alex and Penny, Uncle Matthew and Auntie Denise
And from traveling and books, from the spanakopita at Thanksgiving
I am from Uncle George saying a prayer at family gatherings
From apple pie that makes the house smell like apples
From traveling to America from Greece, and
From the fallen leaves on the family, and
the family tree that came from Greece,
the family tree that came from my grandparents’ house
I am from moments at my Uncle Jimmy’s house
I am from the family tree that is 567 years old
I am from Greece.