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Hanging Vines

What one may miss once
Will never miss twice
There’s always new
New plant
New wind
New ant hole
And it’s the little things
That make the world

Welcome to our birdbath

A crimson red leaf
Is shed from a tree
Drifting slowly
Into the crystal-clear reflection of the water
Only disturbed by the ancient moss
That lives there

Spring is coming
New is coming

The lively chirps of a bird
Make people smile
Calling for her young
To drink

The cat screeches
The mouse yelps
The wind howls
With them
The ants cry
Please don’t trample us

A historical chase
Cat vs. mouse
Through the golden fields
Over the log
Through the grass
To the bath
The mouse trips
And the cat
Gets dinner

The stream is calm
Little sounds
Chika de-de-de
Croak, croak
But it’s interrupted
Splash! Splash!
The beavers

The great pine tree
Covers all
Gives them shade
Reminds them she’s alive
With a little bonk

The grass grows
The squirrels chatter
The birds return
The flowers bloom
And the world is back from the dead

A robin swoops down
So elegantly
Wings spread wide
Cherry-red breast
Ripples the calm
Of the water
And is gone again

The leaf
The chirp
The sounds
The chase

The stream
The tree
The return
The bird

What can we learn?


Has its language.

Rex Huang
Rex Huang, 11
Lake Oswego, OR

Anna Weinberg, 11
Washington, DC