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Red Galaxy

Up, up, up.
Into the deep, dark sky.
The moon is up there,
Almost full,
Not quite.
I ignore it.
Tonight I’m looking for something else.
I rest my chin on the windowsill,
My gaze lands on a single bright light.
A star.
Beautiful and pure.
I smile.
I stare at it, and close my eyes.
Please, please, please,
I whisper.
I make my wish,
Blowing it out through the open window.
I open my eyes again.
But my star is gone.

I search, frantic.
It has disappeared,
Taking my wish with it.
Or . . . There!
I find it and exhale.

But then it blinks.
Realization sets over me,
Like the winter sun over the countryside.
It’s an airplane.
And it will carry my wish across the world.