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Sometimes, courage can be broken.
Stories I’ve read felt like it happened.
Words could not be spoken at that time.
Where would this life lead me? Is it to the sea of worries or a world of spells?
I shouldn’t doubt myself.
Anger erupts in my mind, but what I let out is the great lion’s roar.
But somehow, it was never heard.
Even a pin drop sends ripples into my mind,
A collection of questions, some not always answered.
The magic of a child and a pet is so deep that it could never be lost in life.
There is hope!
People don’t share their secrets because they’re the greatest luxuries one can keep.
It’s not like we have nine lives like a cat.
It’s unbelievable how, in one lifetime, you can feel it all.

Fates are created in the galaxy.
Clouds of thoughts start to rain.
A giggle machine paints smiles on faces.
What’s it like to be called a smiley face?
What is it like to feel a feeling with no name?
Thoughts, feelings, and experiences can never be taken away because they are yours once you feel them.
You own it!