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The creative writing magazine exclusively by kids and for kids — for more than 40 years!

Stone Soup is the magazine of creative writing by children ages 8 to 13. Stories and poems written by kids make Stone Soup unique. It inspires creative children. Once called “The New Yorker of the 8-to-13 set,” Stone Soup is a longtime favorite of teachers and homeschoolers. Founded in 1973.

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Creative writing by children is at the center of Stone Soup and all its related activities, including books by kids, journals and sketchbooks, and beautiful prints of children’s art. Taken together, Stone Soup offers what you need to encourage the children in your life to read and to use writing and art for self-expression. As the leading publisher of creative writing by children for more than forty years, Stone Soup has helped generations of children reach their creative potential.

Stone Soup Magazine and books by kids make ideal gifts for children who love to read. Stories by children provide classroom reading material and creative writing models for teachers and homeschoolers to use in their language arts programs. Stone Soup’s blogs, written by the editors and by a variety of guest bloggers, are filled with creative writing suggestions for teachers, parents, and young writers.


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The Biggest Win

Rachel and Janina are BFFs; then Janina joins the soccer team


After leaving a war-torn Vietnam, Mai has to start over


Z is as mysterious as her name

The Foal

Going once… going twice… and the golden foal goes to…

A Swing??

Grandpa is proud that Gracie takes after him

Ria Fish

Maria’s dad has one more thing he needs to do

The Blue Jays’ Song

Home takes on a new meaning for Ciela after she moves


The Way Back Home

Finn can’t take it anymore, so he runs away

The Girl Next Door

There are friends, and then there are arranged friends

The Shape Stealers

Reina is afraid of the forest, but she can’t abandon Zed


A good samaritan puts the bigoted cashier in his place

Answers in the Sky

Three young cats set off to find a new home


Will Leslie find the courage to follow her dream?


Iris in the German Garden

Magic is all around, if you just believe

A Different Kind of Brave

Only Melissa has the courage to stand up to the bullies

Seeing Over the Side of the Boat

Tobey never thought this would happen to his family

The Seabird

Lindsey and Sara visit their favorite place one last time

Miss Kagawa’s Gift

Based on the true story of a gift from Japan to the U.S.


Life in the African village will never be the same

Wild Wolves

Why are the wolf pups being taken from their parents?

Join the Fun

Veronica holds out as long as she can


Face Your Fears

Lily helps Katherine realize the truth

The Fire of Diwali

Kamina sees things differently after the accident

Thank You, Mr. Huffington

Music can help us cope with hard situations

The Gold Pocket Watch

Will Luc finally see the error of his ways?

Letters to Bobbi

Planet 236 is in danger; Storm tries to warn her cousin

Frustration, Happiness, and Pure Amazement

Pasta with wild chanterelle mushrooms—yum!


Grandma Gorden doesn’t like snow, until…


No one seems to be able to leave nature be