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Stone Soup is the magazine of creative writing by children ages 8 to 13. Stories and poems written by kids make Stone Soup unique. It inspires creative children. Once called “The New Yorker of the 8-to-13 set,” Stone Soup is a longtime favorite of teachers and homeschoolers. Founded in 1973.

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Stone Soup, The Magazine for Kids 8-14
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Growing Season

Ryan wonders how Grandpa can stand it

Rainbows in the Sun

Most people don’t remember their past lives

The Songs of Green Waters

What is this mysterious power Rosie has over Jarren?

High Dive

A real friend wouldn’t treat Mia that way

Scarlet Spring

Suddenly Charles realizes his father is wrong

Don’t Talk to Strangers

The dog in the photo looks just like Beacon!

Searching for Atlantis

Elizabeth and Jack set out on a very special mission



Fish in a Tree

Poetry Bird

Nature’s Canvas (Bayard Cutting Arboretum)

Little Miracles


The Blue Jays’ Song

Home takes on a new meaning for Ciela after she moves

Ria Fish

Maria’s dad has one more thing he needs to do

A Swing??

Grandpa is proud that Gracie takes after him

The Foal

Going once… going twice… and the golden foal goes to…


Z is as mysterious as her name

The Biggest Win

Rachel and Janina are BFFs; then Janina joins the soccer team


After leaving a war-torn Vietnam, Mai has to start over


The Way Back Home

Finn can’t take it anymore, so he runs away

The Girl Next Door

There are friends, and then there are arranged friends

The Shape Stealers

Reina is afraid of the forest, but she can’t abandon Zed


A good samaritan puts the bigoted cashier in his place

Answers in the Sky

Three young cats set off to find a new home


Will Leslie find the courage to follow her dream?