Saturday Newsletter: July 10, 2021

Ember Cube (oil pastel) by Cyrus Kummer, 10 (St. Louis, MO) and published in the July/August 2021 Issue of Stone Soup A note from Ryan A Little Bit About Me Since this is my first newsletter as the editorial intern for Stone Soup’s Editor-in-Chief Emma Wood, I wanted to take a moment to briefly introduce […]

Saturday Newsletter: April 1, 2023

Longhorn in Bluebonnets (acrylic) by Shaivi Moparthi, 12; published in the April 2023 issue of Stone Soup A note from Caleb Berg Hi Friends, Happy April Fools Day! (Though I promise everything in this newsletter is 100% true.) I know that those of you living in California have seen more than enough rain, but here’s to hoping that […]

Saturday Newsletter: March 18, 2023

Dream Dream (oil) by Sophia Zhang, 12; published in Stone Soup March 2023 A note from Emma Wood Hello, readers! I am sitting in the attic of our house with the wind blowing so hard that it is shaking the whole structure. It’s a cold, blustery day, and yet it has been raining not snowing—so […]