Book Reviews

I Am Malala

I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb; Little, Brown and Company: New York, 2013; $26 Would you stand up for what you believe in, even if it meant losing your life? With the rise of the Taliban, people of Afghanistan and Pakistan faced difficult times. Life was especially hard for girls. There were […]

Half a World Away

Half a World Away, by Cynthia Kadohata; Atheneum Books for Young Readers: New York, 2014; $16.99 Electricity: It creates lightning, turns on the TV, generates power. A microscopic current. Something that we cannot see, that connects us all. The concept fascinates twelve-year-old Jaden. But what he can’t understand is this: he doesn’t feel connected to […]

The Running Dream

The Running Dream, by Wendelin Van Draanen; Knopf Books for Young Readers: New York, 2011; $16.99 Have you ever seen a book on the shelf and known it was the perfect book for you even before you turned the first page? The Running Dream was like that for me. The moment I saw it on […]