Dairy-Free Apple Pie

The aroma of cinnamon and freshly baked dough. The taste of juicy fruit and a crisp crust. Lattice neatly placed over the filling. What could be more perfect than pie? Pie always stood out to me, whether displayed in cafes or mentioned in books. It stands for a homey treat that is an American classic. […]

Basil-Asiago-Garlic- Olive Oil Tortillas

Have you heard of the stinking rose? On nearly every dish that comes from our kitchen, the stinking rose is the star. So much are the garlic filled dishes loved, it is common to say wholeheartedly, “Don’t eat it all!”. Once my dad even ate a raw garlic clove, just to see what it tasted […]

Cream of Tomato Soup

First of all, I love tomato soup. And knitting. (It turns out that these two things can be a very dangerous combination; strange, I know, but trust me.) Last Hallowe’en, I had almost finished a pair of knitted slippers which I had been working on for a while—all that remained was to add grippy treads […]

Honey Beach Bars

Every year, my family and I harvest the honey from our bee hives. We scrape off the thin lacing of wax capping, and honey glistens on the frame. It comes in a variety of colors, such as yellow-gold, a deep rust colored gold, and dark brown. It is rich with flavor, a hint of flowers […]

Matcha Crepe Cake

When I think of a crepe cake, I think of the dainty mounds of crepes stealing the spotlight in a bakery window, the creamy sensation that explodes in my mouth after I take a bite. My family and I often go to a little bakery by my home to buy a slice of matcha crepe […]

Apple Rose Tarts

When I think of fall, I feel leaves crunching under my boots, globules of rain sliding down the window, and our big tall apple tree. It stands proudly in our yard, brown bark slick with rain. By the time school starts, the tree is drooping under the weight of sweet red apples. We pick hundreds […]

Ponche Navideño (Christmas Punch)

Walking into my grandmother’s house, I gaze at the Christmas tree, sparkling lights winding their way to the peak where a silver star adorns the top branch of the petit pine. Beneath, is a mini lit-up Christmas village, with a fragile train chugging its way through the town and winding through the snow-coated cottages. My […]

Mom’s S’mores Bars, from My Family Cookbook

My mom always makes these for my family and me. She also made them for my neighbors when they first moved in, that was our way of making them feel welcomed. They also loved them. My mom is an amazing baker and can make anything that requires baking for any type of occasion. Ingredients ½ […]

Disaster Raspberry Smoothie

  It all began with boredom. It was a sweltering August day, and my younger brother, Ciaran, and I couldn’t agree on what to do. “We could play Go Fish,” Ciaran suggested. I shook my head. “No.” Okay,” Ciaran fidgeted a little, trying to think. “How about—” “I could read to you,” I interjected. Ciaran […]

Gluten Dairy Egg-Free Brownies

My best Brownies ever. The first bite of my OWN recipe. All in that one bite, I tasted what I had been working on for such a long time. About a year before I made my brownies, I had found a recipe on the internet that I wanted to try. It turned out so well […]

Christmas Cookies

My family makes three kinds of cookies every year at Christmas. There’s a dark chocolate mint brownie, a sugar cookie, and a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. Ever since I’ve been small, I’ve asked my mom every year if I can help. For as long as I can remember, she’s let me get things for […]

Lembas Cookies

This cookie was discovered when I was bored. I wrote up a recipe and the Lembas cookie was invented! This cookie is named after the Lembas bread from the Lord of the Rings that the elves make. And, just like the bread, you can eat one cookie and be full for a couple of hours. […]