The Schnitzelbird

Life in a small town is disrupted when a special bird disappears Once there was a town named Schnitzelberg, and every morning a bird would fly over the town singing a four-note song. The bird was soon named after the town; everyone called it the Schnitzelbird. Not one person through the whole town of Schnitzelberg […]

Yellowstone, a Fresh Start

When Ruby, a wolf, gets separated from her pack, she must find a new one—or survive on her own Red eyes sparkled in the shadows of night and injected fear like a shot into any animal that glanced in their direction. This proved true for the deer that was staring, lost in the eyes, wondering […]

A Monarch’s Way Through

A monarch butterfly encounters many obstacles—pollution, cars, and predatory birds—on her migration route Silver buildings gleamed in the distance. They rose high into the sky, blocking the view of it. Shorter buildings puffed out too much smoke, making it impossible for birds to fly over the area. Cars honked almost every second of the day, […]