Stone Soup Magazine
February 2019

By Kate Duplantis

Colored pencil, ink, watercolor Kate Duplantis, 13Houma, LA

Orange Landscape, watercolor and colored pencils Eli Breyer Essiam, 10Cambridge, MA

Connected with Nature, watercolor Antara Gangwal, 10San Jose, CA

Untitled Adhav Dhanavel Kumar, 10Coimbatore, India

‘Butterflies’ by Moneerah Saoudy Moneerah Saoudy, 10Eden Prairie, MN

‘Silhouette City’ by Lara Katz Lara Katz, 14Weston, CT

‘Fall’ by Keira Zhang Keira Zhang, 8Los Altos, CA

Garden in the Day, by Kathleen Werth Kathleen Werth, 7Silver Spring, MD