Article Tag: Art-Painting

Stone Soup Magazine
June 2019

By Evelyn Yao

Saguaros at Sunset, watercolor Evelyn Yao, 11San Gabriel, CA

“Beautiful glistening seaweed towered above her, as far as the eye could see.”Watercolor Nicole Qian, 13Auckland, NZ

“To Douglas’s amazement, the moon loomed before him.”Watercolor Li Lingfei, 9Shanghai, China

“The night after the concert I dreamt I was dancing across the surface of a viola dressed in ballet clothes, desperately trying to keep up with the flawless...

Untitled, tempera, watercolor, cellophane Reed Skelton, 8Santa Cruz, CA

Untitled, tempera, watercolor, cellophane Chloe Goodman, 7Santa Cruz, CA

Pink, watercolor, marker, and crayon on paper Abhi Sukhdial, 9Stillwater, OK

The House in the Willows Nicole Qian, 13Auckland, NZ

Bubble Bee, acrylic Christian Goh, 11Dallas, TX  

No Boundaries, acrylic Christian Goh, 9 Dallas, TX