The Vagabond

I press my face against the glass, the froth of scarlet fury still bubbling in my throat. The rumbling of the floor beneath me rattles my legs, and I clutch my sports bag protectively to my chest. My mind churns with the rhythm of the engine, and I kick nervously at the bars beneath the […]

Welcome Home

Our car, rusted red paint and all, squeaks into the driveway. It lurches to a stop, shoving Mom and me forward in our seats. The boxes in the back shift, slamming against the sides of the trunk. I shut my door with a bang and stand, staring at the ugly brown house directly in front […]


Rebecca loved that dog. If anything happened to it, I think she’d probably convince her mother to sue the vet. She’d say they didn’t give her dog enough care or that they messed up the last time she took her dog for a checkup. I’m sorry to say that I hated my cousin Rebecca’s dog. […]