The Ride of Infinity

I wrapped my jacket around me to keep out the frigid air. It was cold and drizzly and my clothes were soaked. “The tapestry of life will outlast all of us,” my dad had always told me. “Everyone who has ever lived and ever will is a part of the tapestry. Sometimes a thread will […]

The Runaway

“Go to your room!” my mom shouted. “It’s not all because of Rose—it just didn’t work out this year!” “Didn’t work out because of her!” I said and stomped upstairs into my room. I knew I was acting like a baby. As my strict English teacher, Mrs. Hood, would say, “Grade six or age six?” […]

Gleaming Star

I was young when it happened—a mere eight-years-old. Daddy had gone out one day for work . . . and hadn’t come back. The funeral was impossible to bear. Mama was crying hysterically, and the grey-streaked sky pounded down fat, round tears. That night though, Mama took me outside after dinner. The sky was calm […]