Real Life Checkmate

Evelyn is teased for trying to join the Boys’ Chess Club Meet Evelyn Thompson. In kindergarten, she tore down the micro-soccer field in a dress and Mary Janes. By first grade, she could play Bach on the piano as smoothly as a river. During second grade, she smoked all the kids in her class playing […]

It Will Never Be the Same

Left alone after her best friend moves away, the narrator struggles with loneliness Just a day ago, I saw my best friend, Yaëlle. But as my eager eight-year-old eyes scanned the crowded recess yard, there was no sign of her. My heart dropped as I remembered she had moved to her hometown in Switzerland. I […]

The Hello Kitty Shirt

After years of trying, Kiera is finally popular . . . so why isn’t she happy? From afar, Kiera fit in perfectly at MS 452. Watching her pick at her peanut butter and jelly sandwich while fanning herself with her homework folder on this late September day, an unsuspecting onlooker might give her a glance […]