It was a freezing cold winter day in China. My family and I were visiting my beloved paternal grandmother who lives in ZhengZhou, a city in China. And this time we were celebrating the Chinese New Year with her. It was said that eating oranges during the special occasion is meant for good luck. Being […]

Twisted Friendships

I had never had anyone my age who lived on my street. All of my friends lived at least ten minutes away. I had always envied those who could call up their friends whenever they were bored and say, “Hey, want to get together?” My mom told many fond stories of her adventures with neighborhood […]

The Duck Decision

“Hurry up, Chris,” my dad whispered in my ear. “He’s gonna get away. You need to shoot him now.” I was looking down my brand new Remington 20-gauge shotgun at a mallard. It was a miserable Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day for me. I knew shooting those ducks would make my father proud, but I just […]