Year of Pain and Year of Glory

“Alissa Escarce . . . Alissa Escarce,” I muttered to myself, my finger moving slowly down the long list of names taped to the scratched wall. “Eugenie Cha . . . Jennifer Li . . . here we go, Alissa Escarce,” I whispered, half glowing with pride, half shaking with nervousness. I was standing in […]

A Stroke of the Bow

It had been almost a year since that fateful day last June when Lucy Livingstone’s baby boy had died at the age of ten days. Catriona Livingstone, her twelve-year-old daughter, was accompanying Mr. and Mrs. Livingstone to the cemetery to visit her brother on what would have been his first birthday. The day was cloudy, […]

Music Sown with Love

Julia arose at the early hour of four o’clock AM, fighting already bubbling nerves, and being careful not to wake her parents in the next room or her two younger siblings. She didn’t want anyone to know about her endeavors, should they fail. And she didn’t want to hurt her parents by going behind their […]

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