Red Fox at Dawn

Red fox at dawn Picks its way across dewy ground Leaving footprints His fur gleams Like fire In the rising sun As if he groomed it Just for this. Ears pricked high His tail a banner for All to see Proud of himself But not vain How could he be vain? A red fox all […]

The Whale

The whale gently glides across the surface his sad, long, moaning music enchants all he meets to rejoice the sound would be a wronging for he is sad, lonely, cold his sister has just lost her life and the two-legged ones did it an empty feeling embraces his head and the wind drowns out his […]


George, with his silver-gray fur cantering across bright green grass whinnying softly his white mane blown out by the wind the sun a horizon of bright colors behind him Reaching out to pet the soft brown and white dotted face of Polka Peering out from behind the stall ready to ride *          *          * All […]