Made with Love

We stand in the old kitchen On the white rustic floors With cloth draped over the table My tiny hands are ready She gets the flour As I stretch to get eggs At the back of the fridge My fingers slip She saves it from behind We laugh We lower the mixer Add the ingredients […]

Coming Home

We go to the airport looking for him The day he got back from that God Awful Place I see people most of them soldiers talking and crying but none of them him Finally I stop I see green and brown I see him smile He puts out his arms Then I knew This was […]

Loving You from Far Away

Passing on As I look up, you look down, but our love still shines bright As it meets in one place From there it lights up the night sky Moonlit love Moving As the night chirps I send my love to you For you also used to hear this jolly nighttime song But now I […]

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