I finger the valves. They are cold and uninviting to the touch. I take a breath. My lips form an embouchure. I blow. At first there is noise, Much noise, Then the music starts. It flows through my veins, Coursing through my body. I play from the heart. I love it, No, Need it. Music […]


Everyone was startled at the Loud BBBLLLAAAGGGHHHH sound. I had just sneezed Into my trombone! Instantly, most of the class turned And looked my direction. What awkward timing! We were all in the middle of playing a song. I felt kind of embarrassed. I knew that was one thing I wouldn’t do again. But I […]

Bass Clef

A curiously-shaped case, elongated ebony Buckles, that when opened reveal gleaming gold Nestled in velvet, radiant brass glints in twists and turns Narrow pipes widen to a vast bell Pieced together with knobs and screws What will this clanky contraption do? Blowing begins, a sound like an old man coughing Spit settling in the pipes, […]