In My Liquid Tourmaline

In this shimmering liquid tourmaline A teal and gold-breasted kingfisher whistles in the green pines As the lake’s cool breath whispers in my ear She speaks of laughing trout gliding in her belly Humans pouring acid in her veins And her tree friends she has lost I am wrapped in the scent of salt and […]


Pine needles cover the ground, Life chirps and peeps from cracks in the Earth. These mountains rise high, Scraping space. Lizards and bugs infest the leaning trees, The elder branches of the oak, Fir, And birch Wave their spidery fingers at the sky As if waiting for an answer to a prayer. Paths twirl and […]

great day

it’s a great day the sky is gray drops of water fall on my leaves I’m soaking up the water through my roots but wait I’m lonely no one came out to play on this great day I wonder why I know I’ll ask but wait I can’t walk or talk I feel so helpless […]

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