The Place Where It Isn’t

  There was a space. The space was empty, but, if you think about it, it wasn’t an absence; it was a presence. It didn’t belong. Inside her heart, there was the absence, or presence. In her heart was an empty space, or filled space, and it just didn’t belong. The rest of her heart, […]

The Experiment

  There is an alien among us. She has built a wall across her heart, one made of sheets so thick others do not see her. Until they realize— An alien is here, an alien is here—there is the alien. She tries to walk the halls in silence, tries to creep up to classrooms. It […]

Tree Swallow

I open my eyes and hear a Song Thrush outside. When I was little, my grandfather taught me the names of all the local birds and how to recognize them. His favourite was the Tree Swallow. He loved its shiny green feathers and the way it swooped and flew in the sky. I glance at […]