The Old Woman

A woman passes through each season of life Once, there was a little girl with two pigtails. She was a joy to all those around her and was constantly happy. Her backpack was a bright red, and her shoes were a colorful pink. Her small feet carried her across a new street, and she skipped […]

A World Without Color

In a colorless world full of trash, the writer dreams of a lush, vivid rainforest Dear Diary, I woke up again yesterday and saw the hammering rain pouring harshly down on my small little house. It was the worst sight I had seen in years! It was quite a boring sight, though I’m used to […]


A simple bike ride to school occasions a complex meditation on life 7:35 a.m. My mind is still heavy with sleep, barely woken up by my hurried breakfast. It only allows one thought in at a time, so two words are looping through my head: get ready. I take a last gulp of lukewarm tea […]