My eyes opened. Sitting up, I glanced at my clock on my nightstand, and read the green, fluorescent letters: 4:42 AM, three minutes before my alarm was due to go off. I stretched out my arm and turned off my alarm. Scrambling out of bed, I changed from my pajamas into a tank top and […]


“Grace!!! Wake up!” I awoke that morning to the sound of my mother’s prickly voice in my ear. I grunted and put the pillow over my head. “Grace!” “All right!” I cried, “I’m up!!!” My mother tutted and looked me in the eye. “I wish you wouldn’t sleep so late, there’s chores to be done.” […]

The View from Santa Chiara

One thing was for certain, she never wanted to go. She never wanted to go to Santa Chiara. Francesca stared out the huge windows of the dining hall; the rain beat harder and harder against the window, making it almost impossible to hear the nun as she said grace. The ancient Madonna in the painting […]