Chasing Chickens

The jeep jostled over the uneven terrain. Though the tough tires absorbed most of the shocks, I still jumped around in the back seat, my stomach lurching with every bump. It was late afternoon, and the sun blazed in the blue sky. A slight breeze stirred the tall grass and scrub brush and stunted trees […]

Christmas Gifts

“Man, I can’t wait until I get out of here, and I can live with a real family,” John said for the millionth time to his best friend in the orphanage, Tom. “Yeah, but I’ll sure miss you when you’re gone,” Tom answered while wolfing down some cornbread at dinner. John and Tom had lived […]

Christmas Miracle

Andrea pressed her nose against the frosted windowpane to get a better look outside. Not a drop of snow fell from the gray, overcast sky on this gloomy Christmas afternoon. Fidgety with anticipation, she wriggled in her seat. She could hear the adults in the parlor, talking and laughing away. She got up to go […]