The Crownweaver

Mama frowned and said, “You know, my camellias are disappearing” People who believe in magic can see that magic in the trickling waters of a creek; or at least I can. I began to love going down to the creek in the woods behind our home when I was six-and-a-half. My parents usually took me, […]

The Fire of Diwali

The candleholders were simply beautiful A TRUE STORY Kamina grinned. Finally, it was Diwali! She had been longing for this day since she had come with her family to her grandparents’ house, and now she could hardly wait to start the celebration! Diwali was an Indian holiday, celebrating the return of the prince Ram. The […]

Spirit of Love

“I miss you so much,” I whispered, staring at her photo Perhaps it’s because we never know what happens to us after dying that makes the topic of death so intriguing. I never thought much of death until I was five years old. I remember asking my mother why the whole city of Guadalupe celebrated […]