Sky Blue Hijab

A journalist travels to a refugee camp to report on the Syrian Civil War I twist the fake wedding ring on my finger nervously. It’s a cheap copper ring that I superglued a rhinestone to. Back and forth. Back and forth. It’s supposed to arouse sympathy if someone tries to kill me. It’ll convince them […]

History Is Worth Preserving

Grandmother Rose seemed to bubble with joy Anna Nakagawa loved going to her grandparents’ house. The house was large, with lots of room inside and out. There was a room full of books, a grand piano, a room with a huge TV, and even a room of her very own, where she stayed every time […]

My Country and the Way to America

By Huong Nguyen, 11, Hosford Middle School, Portland, Oregon Reprinted with permission from Light of the Island, © 1982 I live in Vietnam. I go to school in Vietnam. I have three pigs and one dog, but the dog is dead. My mother she was sad. My mother my father my sister is go to work. […]