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What My America Looks Like, a poem by Eboni, 13

Eboni Maxwell, 13 (Boston, MA) What My America Looks Like Eboni Maxwell, 13 My America looks like chaos, a burning flame that cannot be put out and continues to grow. My America is dull and bland; I wake up everyday and ask myself ¨Why are most people cruel and mean, racist and unapologetic… What made […]

An Unsent Letter

Ellis Yang, 12 (Los Altos, CA) An Unsent Letter Ellis Yang, 12 Dear Miriam,  That morning in the city, two weeks before you left, I walked down the avenue as I do now. No sudden alteration great enough to be recognized transpired, for outwardly it was only a brief two weeks. For me, however, it […]

The Whole Story of Half a Girl, Reviewed by Aditi, 13

I have always wondered how others live a cross-cultural life. Whether it’s the culture you are born into or trying to understand a different one, this diverse topic continues to fascinate me. Imagine a girl who struggles to juggle her identity since she is half-Indian and half-Jewish. Sonia Nadhamuni is far from normal as she […]