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Saturday Newsletter: December 3, 2022

Leaving Our Mark (iPhone 6) by Anna Weinberg, 12; published in Stone Soup December 2022 A note from Emma Wood On November 15, we finally released Foxtale by Sarah Hunt—the fiction winner of our 2021 book contest. It’s a fantastic novel that truly has it all: a pet dog with a robotic leg, an unlikely […]

Flash Contest #49, November 2022: Write a story where a character confronts their worst fear—our winners and their work

Our November Flash Contest was based on Prompt #228 (provided by Stone Soup contributor Sage Millen), which asked that participants write stories (or poems) in which their characters confronted their worst fears. I’m particularly fond of this prompt as it is not only generative of new work, but it is also an extremely helpful exercise in […]