Lost by Liberty

TODAY It’s an almost perfect day. The sun has just come out after a long lazy nap in the clouds. It’s the kind of day when elves and unicorns and faeries can be found. And if you climbed to the very top of the largest oak you’d see a rainbow. It’s the same kind of […]

Abby and the Pony Express

Abby heard a long, distant call, somewhere out there in the night. A trumpeting call, like a bugle or maybe it was only the wind. Snow whirled past the cabin window in an endless parade of white, and the wind moaned as it blew around the corner of their house. There had been blizzards like […]

With Liberty and Justice for Some

“Yip!” The sharp, insistent yapping of my dog Urashima drew me sluggishly upright the day the summons came. “Yip!” “Betty,” my mother called to me from the kitchen, “quiet your dog, please!” “Yip!” I responded with an unpromising grunt, flipping the page of my book. I was engrossed in Gone With the Wind, reading it […]