It’s in my head. Bouncing around like a beach ball. Jade’s last words to me. “Shut it, Cate, and let me die in peace.” She’d smiled, squeezed my hand, and then she was gone. I’m walking. Walking on a PEI beach in my sweatshirt and pajama pants and flip-flops with my dark hair tangled and […]

We No Longer Go Outside

Sunrays pour into the old slider window, illuminating the white-washed walls of the bedroom; posters and certificates are plastered on the opposite wall, their color faded from years of sun. A little girl is curled up in bed, clutching the blankets in fitful sleep. I sigh and gaze through the window at the pale blue […]

Miraculous Mike

When I think back to when I was little, I always remember my dad trying to keep me and my sisters happy. When I was bored, he’d bring me into the backyard and play catch with me, or do some sort of activity along those lines. I remember when he took me to my first […]