The Pharaoh’s Daughter

Walking into my father’s mud-brick palace, I saw my brother standing in the middle of a plaza. Not stopping to think why he was surrounded by guards, I ran toward him. “Rudiju!” I said. Rudiju was my favorite person in the palace because he always used to play games with me when we were little. […]

The Thief of Bubastis

Kysen ran stealthily and silently to the temple as the chilly night air whipped around him. His black hair and dark clothing let him blend into the night, and his blue eyes scanned the road ahead of him. The buildings of Bubastis were dark, the people sound asleep, dreaming of the festival just four days […]

The Tale of Tawret

A large gray hippo waded in the clear, cool Nile River. His name was Akitomen. Akitomen’s wife, Tawret, glided alongside him. The couple both watched their children, Khufem and Maketuman. The kids played happily in the papyrus reeds, Tawret and Akitomen talked while keeping an eye on the kids. Tawret had always been a wonderful […]