My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory Is seeing my mom for the first time. She held me lovingly. It was warm and snug. She tucked me in her lap, Even when I cried. I was very happy. It was the happiest moment Of my entire life. Audra Sanford, 8Davenport, FL

Where I’m From

StoneSoupMagazine · Where I’m From by Talia Moyo, 10 I’m from the hot deserts of Africa, with Sekuru’s delectable, rich mushroom stew, and Mama’s avocado pudding, and the African adventures with waterfalls and dancing in the night with fireflies as night lights. And the red dusty villages of Cameroon, with rains that come almost once […]

Our Blanket

Everyone has their own opinion. But it is not okay To say to me that I am wrong. That I am bad. That I have no place here. Because I just said that I am Muslim. We are not terrorists. Not the Awful people the media depicts us as. Every group has people who don’t […]