The Dew Drop

I wake up, I walk out the door. The dew smells like flowers. As I walk, I feel the morning mist brush against my tired face. I see the daisies so bright and blue. As I touch them the dew falls off and onto my foot, chilling me to the bone. As I walk through […]

Little Boat

A boat on the horizon of crystal clear water, meeting the rainbow sky, A beautiful watercolor for all to see, Bobbing up and down, serenely, so peacefully, Swaying and rocking in time to the rhythm of the waves, Lulling us to sleep. So mesmerizing . . . So hypnotizing . . . A stray wooden […]

summer nights

summer nights are cool like ice cubes melting in your mouth stars paint the roof over our heads rewriting the world the breeze lays low sneaking its way like a serpent parting armies of ivy nights like paintings the nights you’ll remember Juliet Del Fabbro, 11Richmond, VA