“Five minutes left.” My teacher’s calm voice chimes. My brain freezes. I glance at the clock. The seconds are ticking by rapidly. I HAVE to finish this test. Now I am just trying to do it as fast as I can. Should I think it through or just slap down an answer? Kids start standing […]


Slam! The beige metal door of the locker slammed shut. The friendly round face of my best friend Annie, framed with blond curls, peeked out at me. “OK, Francie, finished changing my books!” A large grin formed on her face. “We can go play Laura now.” “Hurry up! Katie and Emilia are already out there!” […]


“This is crazy,” Marie said for the fourth time. From her seat in front of the steering wheel of the family’s old station wagon, Mom gave her a side glance and an encouraging smile. The dense woods that surrounded the road flashed by the windows in a green blur as the afternoon sun streamed through […]