Window into the Wild

The wolf leaned towards him and their eyes met again Brandon bounced the tennis ball up and down on the dirt ground. The short, dark-haired boy was nine Earth years old, just old enough to resent this boring trip his parents had brought him on. Who wanted to go to a wildlife reserve anyway, even […]

Letters to Bobbi

I wish I could say that life in space is great, but it is far from that Dear Bobbi, There is definitely a risk in sending letters. I know that. However, there is more of a risk in trying to visit you or send a holo-message. Then I’d get caught for sure. Holograms always pass […]

Galactic Rebels

The Galactic Soldier Code To protect the peace of the Milky Way, To fight bravely on land, sea, air, and space, To execute the orders of our superiors, We are the Galactic Soldiers. Jade’s cell was a small, cramped space, with bare white walls and floor, except for a small bed, sink, toilet, and mirror. […]