The Board

My Tae Kwon Do instructor stood in front of me, the board held tightly in his hands. “Just tell me when you’re ready,” he said. I had to break it. That thought was ringing around inside my head, inside my stomach. Break it. BREAK IT! You have to break it. I stepped back for a […]

A Connecticut Yankee Visits the Bronx

As I stepped out of Byron’s family Suburban, I could feel the powerful presence of Yankee Stadium. Coming from a small town, just being in the city was exciting. Today was Byron’s birthday and he had invited Matthew, David and myself to go to this game. We were really hyped up. I remember Byron saying […]

Basketball Free-Throw

Taking the basketball from the referee in my raw, steamy hands, I felt the gym getting chillier when I stood still. This was the very first time so many people were depending on me—l wasn’t used to it. My face, blood-red after running and jumping for an exceptionally long time, had broken out into a […]