Anticipation builds as Emma awaits her father’s opening-night performance in a new opera

Maple and Marmalade

A loud knock sounded on Violet’s dressing-room door. “Places for Act One!” Violet leapt up from her dressing-table stool, her breath quickening. A little shiver of nervous excitement ran down her spine as she peered into the mirror one last time, checking anxiously to see that her microphone was in place. She didn’t look quite […]

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I stare at the flickering candle, the small light throwing echoes onto the flimsy curtain wavering with our movements. That cloth is all that separates us from the audience; they’re out there, waiting, waiting for us. I love focusing, letting the director’s voice flow around me, dropping into my character’s body. There he is! Romeo, […]