My Liberating Brain

The brain is an organism that lives. We are creatures; we deepen our arc of knowledge. We can tumble into an image of fantasy, best yet, commotions, emotions, I communicate verbally. Welcome to reality. It’s a place where dreams stop or continue, It’s a blank page of a story with no proper ending. This feeling […]

The Elements of Friendship

A trusting lion and a cautious tigress have an adventure with a sneaky snake In a deep, dark, and dense forest there lived two friends—a lion and a tigress. They had been friends since they were cubs. They went on many adventures together. This story is about one such adventure. Lion was very trusting, but […]

Blue Fear

The whispering light hangs in the shadowy trees As I fly down a golden path of fireflies Toward a pirate ship door handle that Slithers like an octopus tentacle in my palm, And I am filled with blue fear

Love & Soda

When Mom gets mad she explodes like Sprite When we get into a fight Still, her heart’s a shimmering waterfall of light

When the Light Dances

A window of light flows through the shadowy trees I dive into a bathtub of emerald green water Hidden in a canyon carpeted with soft moss Through a giant keyhole in the rock, the light dances A creamy waterfall spilled from the giant pitcher of rock

Zinnia Elegans

Aster embarks on an unexpected road trip in a self-driving car San Francisco, CA Thursday, 11 a.m. Aster had been up since 6 a.m. It was summer vacation, and her mom had forgotten to book her in any summer camps this year. Due to this, the better parts of her days were now spent sitting […]

The Red Planet

  I am from “the Red Planet,” Mars, millions of miles from a place called Earth, which, at night, became a bright, shining star, holding hands with the two enormous moons. I am from the capital, Crater Thunder, where we played tennis on the red, red dirt, except the game didn’t go past the five-minute […]

The City

The narrator celebrates the sights, sounds, and smells of New York City I step out of my school, and immediately noise fills my ears. The honking of cars, the steady chatter of kids as they leave, the footsteps, the wind in the trees. This is the very heartbeat of our city. I greet my mom […]