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Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone, Reviewed by Pragnya, 13

Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone is very experimental in the way its lens plays with the reader’s perceptions throughout the ...
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Overcoming Labels: Touching Spirit Bear, Reviewed by Olivia Shekou, 13

In our modern world, people seek to rid themselves of all anger, yet, they haven’t realized that anger can’t be ...
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24 Hours in Nowhere, Reviewed by Danielle Kusek, 10

Imagine living in the hot sun, in the poorest town in the Arizona desert—Nowhere. In a town with the lowest ...
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The Loophole, Reviewed by Sita, 13

The Loophole, a novel by Naz Kutub published in June, 2022, is a surprisingly original retelling of the Aladdin story ...
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Remember the Flowers, Reviewed by Emma, 10

Memories take Enni Harlan back in her first poetry collection, Remember the Flowers, and we are on the journey with ...
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Book Review: The Book Thief

The Book Thief was an intriguing read from start to finish. The minute I opened the cover and saw the ...
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