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Friendships can be hard to keep up with. There are lots of times when we feel it would be easier to not be friends with someone, and lots of people test your loyalty everyday. This idea has been explored in a unique way by R.J Palacio in her book Auggie & Me.

Palacio’s first book, Wonder, tell us the story of August Pullman- a boy with facial deformities going to school for the first time. The book has been written from various perspectives as August navigates through fifth grade, coping with studies, activities, bullies, and making new friends. Touching people's lives in different ways! It is a warm, comfortable, and happy book, something that anyone would love.

Auggie & Me is Palacio’s next book, and it is not a sequel! This turned out to be a little disappointing, as I was hoping to know what happens to Auggie, the Pullmans, and all his friends and enemies when Auggie enters sixth grade.

Auggie & Me is a companion book; it does not continue where Wonder left off but just broadens Auggie’s world, from the perspective of three very different people in three different chapters.

  • Auggie’s archenemy, Julian, in "The Julian Chapter"
  • Auggie’s childhood friend Chris who left North River Heights before the happenings in Wonder, in "Pluto"
  • Charlotte, the only girl to be chosen as Auggie’s welcome buddy in the first book, in "Shingaling"

Surprisingly, this book does not tell us much about Auggie, rather about the troubles faced by these three kids. Troubles at school, at home, in the park, and mostly the trouble with their friends. It does, however, give us a different perspective to Auggie’s life too.

"The Julian Chapter"

Julian was the biggest bully in Wonder, and none of the readers like him. He is the one who started the Plague game to bully Auggie; he was the one who called Auggie freak; and he was responsible for leaving mean notes in Auggie’s and his best friend Jacks’ locker.

If you Google this apparently very mean kid, you can even find posters like the one given alongside.

But is Julian really bad? There must be a reason for him to act like that, and that is what is explored in The Julian Chapter.

One reason I like this part of the book is that Palacio has not given up on any of her characters. She has explored circumstances even from a bully’s point of view.

But I won’t tell you anymore. Julian has his own difficult story to tell!


Christopher Angus Blake is Auggie’s childhood friend, who left the neighborhood before the events in Wonder take place. He knows Auggie is different, but he has always been his friend. However, Chris finds it hard to keep up with the friendship and thinks of letting go.

In "Pluto," we can see snippets of Auggie’s life before he starts 5th grade in Wonder, and also Chris working hard to save relationships with his friends. Lots of people are testing Pluto’s loyalty, and he isn’t sure how far it will stretch!

P.S: It would be interesting for you to find out why it is called Pluto.


Charlotte Cody is a nice girl. She never was mean to Auggie; she always waved high whenever she saw him. She was totally nice. But, Charlotte, unlike Summer and Jack, did not go further than that. She did not want whispers about her and Auggie; she did not want anyone to think she was actually friends with him.

But we never knew from the first book, that there is a lot going on in Charlotte’s world during 5th grade. Old friends and new, mean girls, the mystery of Gordy Johnson, and of course the big dance performance in Carnegie Hall that year. While learning to do the Shingaling, Charlotte makes new acquaintances and good relationships with Ximena, Summer and Maya. There is of course a lot to enjoy in the third and last book, and I would recommend it to you wholeheartedly.

Auggie & Me is a beautiful book, and I give it 5 stars. I feel like anyone in middle school right now should try it, because it gives you new perspectives. But to understand and to enjoy the book fully, you will have to read Wonder first.

P.S: There is also a movie which I will reviewing later on.

Auggie & Me by R. J. Palacio. Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2015. Buy the book here and help support Stone Soup in the process!

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