Personal Narrative

Deep Observation, by Abigael

I woke up earlier that morning, preparing myself to go to school. Into the school compound, I started marching to my classroom and while standing at the classroom’s door, I discovered that there was new arrangement of desks in the class. It was now two desks facing each other with one side almost forming a […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Zoe

I sat my father down in the kitchen so I could interview him about his father. His father had died 5 years prior and though the wounds had healed you could still see the scars and the pain behind my father’s eyes. I asked him the question: what was the best thing your father has […]

Memory as Character, by Zoe

My grandfather wore a ring on his left hand. Him and my grandmother had gotten it in Jamaica many years ago. On it was a red cardinal with multi-colored triangle designs surrounding it. On the inside of the ring, carved in tiny letters, was the logo of the makers but it is too far back […]

Deep Observation, by Noah

At 8:30 pm I—still wet from my post-swimming practice shower– sat down on my soft blue couch with a plate of warm red pasta in my lap to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Milwaukee Brewers. After about 10 minutes two of my dogs, Butter the coonhound, (with her floppy ears and her habit […]