Stone Soup Editors' Notes

National Poetry Month: 15 Poems for Children

We’ve partnered with the Academy of American Poets to celebrate National Poetry Month–check out their website if you haven’t before, but be aware you could lose a few hours reading! Here are 15 poems selected for children, for National Poetry Month, by The Academy of American Poets. Thank you, Academy! We hope you, our readers, […]

Young Composer Nathan Grabow, age 12

Nathan Grabow, a young American composer and pianist performs his original composition entitled Concertino in G Minor for Piano and Strings. He wrote the piece when he was twelve years old and is thirteen at the time of this performance with the Marywood University String Project Presto Orchestra, which is a youth orchestra. Nathan plays the […]

A brief history of the Vietnam War

A Brief History of the Vietnam War Note: This is background history for people reading the story My Country and the Way to America written by a child who escaped Vietnam on a boat and was finally settled in America, and using the Stone Soup teaching resource associated with it. Vietnam is a country in Southeast […]