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Searching for Han Solo: A Poem

Riddle me this And Make My Day Who has taken all the heroes away? They are not in the papers Or on TV Not anywhere, sadly, that I can see Maybe King Arthur got lost And James Bond’s in rehab Batman’s car is in the shop and he can’t find a cab Lassie’s having a […]

Taking Flight with Soman Chainani

Since I was small, I have been a passionate reader, instantly drawn into stories that could be painted in words. When I discovered chapter books, I remember eagerly awaiting the moment when I could open a book and slip into its vivid colors and images. In an instant, I might feel the brush of rainbow-colored […]

Guest Post: No Boundaries in Art

by Sarah Lynn “No Boundaries” is exploding with color, something I particularly love in artworks. The blues, purples, and greens of the piece are relaxing and seem to flow in and around the image, while the peaches, yellows, and reds of the picture break up the scene in a way that only enhances its beauty. […]