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The Trials and Tribulations of Swifty Appledoe (Part One)

Swifty Appledoe embarks on a new mission: to become just like the most annoyingly perfect girl in school

The Cookie Jar

A blue cookie jar helps Elsie get through her days

The Bright Yellow

A girl wakes up to discover that everything has turned yellow

Tom Green

Tom Green is very spoiled and lazy—until an accident forces him to change his life

A Small Moment

Allison struggles to accept what her mother tells her: that “different is good”

A New Nature


Climbing Treetops


The Breeze


Cabin Fever




This is the Song the World Needs Now


The Fireflies


Untitled (I)


Untitled (II)




Go Bananas




Dream Bedroom


Black Lives Matter


Stone Soup Honor Roll: April 2021


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