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Never Ask Me

Kelly recalls a time when her greatest fear in the classroom was realized

I Say It Drizzles, You Say It Pours

A meditation on what makes each of us unique—and strange

Honey Dipped in Celery

Ava feels trapped at school in her classroom during reading time

A Rainy Day

A collection of brief meditations on place

A Time to Run

When his uncle returns after a long separation, Hans must protect him from his mother’s anger

Pebbles on the Grass

After her mother’s death, the narrator finds solace in nature

A Busy Day in Mooga Basin

The search for life on Mars is punishing and seemingly hopeless until one exciting day . . .

The Curse of Lemos

After tragedy strikes, Lemos lives a simple life with his dog


A walk in the woods takes an ominous turn

The Word


Over in the light




Love Water




There the Ocean Goes




Midnight Buck


My World






Sun Goddess


English Countryside


Golden Sunset


Out of the Window


The Fruit Bowl on the Ocean


Fire Eater


Northern Ontario


Stone Soup Honor Roll: February 2022


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