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From the Stone Soup Blog

Apart Together

Ena Bahk-Pi
Ena Bahk-Pi, 12
San Francisco, CA


Last year, in the first few months of quarantine, I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, but most of all, alone. We have all had those moments of feeling a crushing loneliness, of wanting to dig a hole and stay there. These feelings of isolation have only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, and sometimes it is hard to realize that many others are experiencing the same thing. On the surface, flowers are bright and blooming and the sky is blue and clear, but underneath, the reality might be darker and lonelier.

Making this piece helped me express my emotions through art, which I didn’t know was possible. I love how the different textures combined to show different aspects of what we are all going through. I hope this can encourage people to reach out to others who might be experiencing similar feelings during these difficult times.

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