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The Clock of Emotion

“Blast you, too, clock!” Aunt Stephanie screamed, hurling the beautiful clock of emotion into a ditch behind her home. Her emotion rapidly changed to misery and loneliness. “I am ruined!” The clock seemed to tremble hauntingly as Aunt Stephanie dropped to her knees and wept, head in her hands. An owl hooted as the darkness [...]

The Cryptic Crypt

The river was my refuge. It was more of a stream, really, a tiny but powerful stream tucked into a corner of the Cascade Mountains. While my dad argued with my mom and my mom argued with my six brothers and sisters (and they argued with each other), I slipped out of the house and [...]

Swept-Up Fish

The beach was gorgeous. The glittering blue waves lapped onto the shore; it kindly slapped away small children who got too close to the foamy current. Up where I was watching the scene, the sand, sitting peacefully in a tinged butter-yellow color, burned as a victim of the Sun, sifting like powder through my toes [...]

The Missing Piece

 “Wake up, Tommy,” I said. Tommy, my thirteen-year-old robotic brother (he really is a robot—no kidding) needs to wake up! He always walks with me to school. He likes to sleep though. And eat. And sleep some more. Oh, and get into trouble. It’s not like our dad cares. He’s too busy being the [...]

The Moon and My Heart

The moon ate my heart. My vision was tainted. I staggered forward, uncertain. I heard something disappear. I think— I am myself. I taste the hole in my chest. The moon’s smile mocks me. I know, I know I am not myself— I am merely a whisper Of a husked heartbeat.


Miss-takes are like tissues instead of icing on a cake. Tying balloons to a garbage can made of aluminum. Take a miss Miss a take Tiss a make Aiss a ike Eiss a takm These are all… Miss-takes

Dad Cut My Nails

way too short and now there’s this feeling you know the one that’s like scratching sandpaper with your teeth or really more like where your teeth used to be.

The Avocado Tree

  The chair by the avocado tree had turned a faded green from wear For years it sat untouched behind the orange-red sunsets Built for the old lady with the fishing hat who kept forgetting Its purpose was to help her remember To stay in the present of the ink-washed sand And it stayed there [...]

Light and Darkness

  I was at the pond one day, feeding the fish, under the hot sun. When clouds have a conversation with the sun. A cool wave of air touches my fingers and toes. The fish swim down to the bottom of the river. I was at the dinner table one night, eating the fat fish [...]

The City

Stoplights reflect off the bay The faint sound of glasses clinking and people talking is carried on the breeze The moon is shrouded by clouds Towering buildings blink with neon lights A lone car drives across a scarlet bridge

The City


Say one sentence An ember sparks Say another Wind blows and swirls One more A wildfire

Queen of the World

Sometimes I pretend I am the queen of the world Gliding in a silver sleigh of dreams My dress is made of ripped up clouds And my crown is woven with moonlight I float above the sun each day Watching over my empire I can feel every triumph and every Disappointment ripple through me like [...]

Bugs are the Future!

SYNOPSIS When two boys sit down in a school cafeteria for lunch, one gets a lesson he’ll never forget. Author’s note: When the topic of food stability comes up, I always point out that the insects are better for us and more sustainable. I get reactions close to this every time I bring it up. [...]

Connected with Nature



Peering Out

Among the Asparagus



Orange Landscape

Church at Sunset

Stone Soup Honor Roll: July/August 2018

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can't publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The [...]

Anne with an E

A Gritty but Triumphant Return to Avonlea: A review of the Netflix Original Anne with an “E” I remember reading Anne of Green Gables when I was younger. I would sprawl across the couch and slowly flip through the delicate pages, savoring the words like candy. This is why when I noticed Netflix’s 2017 adaptation, [...]