Stone Soup Magazine
July/August 2018

Editor’s Note

The Clock of Emotion

After being discarded, the clock of emotion sets out on a quest to find a new owner

The Cryptic Crypt

One day, while writing about a girl lost in an Egyptian pyramid, a writer gets sucked into her own story

Swept-Up Fish

Her family has just left freezing Chicago for sunny San Francisco, and Carrie is like a fish out of water in her new home...

The Missing Piece

What will happen when Laika’s mischievious robotic brother accidentally launches them into outer space?

The Moon and My Heart


Dad Cut My Nails

The Avocado Tree

Light and Darkness

The City


Queen of the World

Connected with Nature


Peering Out

Among the Asparagus


Orange Landscape

Church at Sunset

Bugs are the Future!

When two boys sit down in a school cafeteria for lunch, one gets a lesson he’ll never forget...

Anne with an E

A Gritty but Triumphant Return to Avonlea

Stone Soup Honor Roll: July/August 2018

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