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Ivy’s Return

A house cat dreams of becoming a human girl so she can play the piano

Sandpiper’s Freedom

A determined mare makes a plan to keep her foal by her side

A Forever Type of Thing

A musician works to build community, and a life, on the streets

Cousins (Part II)

Nicky discovers some items in Mrs. Fleming’s attic that unearth upsetting memories from the past


Paige stumbles on an adventure that momentarily takes her mind off her friends’ disagreements

My Changes Over the Third Grade Year

Ella reflects on the lessons she learned over the past school year

Dwelling on a Memory

Alone at her family’s Country House, once a gathering place for “The Cousins,” the narrator reflects on summers past

The Fish’s Song






Dad’s Stocks


Lasers of the Night


The Name


After the Attack


By the River


A Perfect Summer


Observing the Night Sky on a Summer Solstice


The Sun’s Sister


Light on Wooden Wall


Lazy Cat


Moon Tides


Koi Fish


To the Wild


Easy Summertime


Through the Arch


The Window or the Mirror




Upon Reflection




City in Autumn


Orange Sea


Blue Bay


Sunset in the Shadowy Woods




Stone Soup Honor Roll: July/August 2023


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